Dudes with Ouds 〜 ウード野郎!

2019-06-02 @ 18:00 – 22:30
Cafe Cheshmeh
Sasazuka, Shibuya-ku
Tip of Love + Drink Order

Dudes with Ouds ウード野郎!

June 2 Sunday
18:00 Open / 19:00 Start

Tip of Love + Drink Order
愛のチップ + ドリンクのご注文

Dudes with Ouds vol.1
So many ouds, so many dudes.

・Navid ナヴィ
・Paul Dorosh ポール
・Rain In Eden

As humans, we are connected to both the earth and some unseen reality that can only be expressed through arts and sciences. With instruments humans are able to bring the unseen into existence and interact with it. We call this music.

The tool I use for this purpose is the Oud. I love the sounds of the earth it creates. The Oud connects me to antiquity, nature, and beyond. My hope is that you will experience something new or ancient with the Oud. Let’s experience something unseen together.


Navid Goldrick is a Persian Oudist, Oud teacher and composer from Vancouver, Canada. Navid studied Persian music with Hossein Behroozinia, and Arabic chamber music with Simon Shaheen. You will hear original and traditional sounds influenced by the Iranian plateau and the Arabian desert.

Navid Goldrick はカナダ出身のペルシャ系ウード奏者です。演奏、レッスン、作曲・編曲を手がけています。
ペルシャ音楽をHossein Behroozinia氏から、アラブ古典室内音楽をSimon Shaheen氏から学びました。イランの草原とアラブの砂漠を想わせる、古典とオリジナルを織り交ぜた音楽をお届けします。

◼Paul N. Dorosh

Paul N. Dorosh is a Tokyo-based composer/oudist/guitarist/teacher from Connecticut, U.S.A. In 2004, after graduating with a Master’s in music composition from the University of Massachusetts, Paul moved to Japan and now teaches oud, guitar, and composition. He is a multi-instrumentalist that plays oud, guitar, drums and percussion. Paul performs and composes with the ethno-progressive instrumental unit “Libera Cielo”. He also composes music for short films. He has performed and given workshops in Japan, the U.S., and Europe, as well as been invited to perform and give workshops in Spain, and Italy. He has been a fixture on the Tokyo ethnic music scene for many years now, both instrumental and accompaniment for belly dancers. Paul has collaborated with many types of performers from various genres including Arabic music, Turkish music, Japanese butoh, contemporary dance, jazz, rock, classical, Indian music, and Japanese classical music.

location sound

Paul N. Dorosh
米国コネチカット州出身。東京在住、東京を拠点に日本各地で活動。マサチューセッツ音楽大学大学院にて作曲を専攻、2004年に卒業。ウード、ギター、ドラム、バイオリンなどマルチ奏者。ウード、ギター講師。ソロ活動の他に、エスニックインストゥルメンタルユニット「Libera Cielo」のメンバーとして演奏及び作曲を担当。また映画音楽の作曲も手がける。日本の他に米国、ヨーロッパで演奏及びワークショップを行う。スペインとイタリアでは演奏家及びワークショップ講師として招待される。ベリーダンスとのコラボを始め、アラブ音楽、トルコ音楽、舞踏、コンテンポラリーダンス、ジャズ、ロック、クラシック、インド音楽、日本古典音楽など様々なジャンルのアーティストと共演。

location sound

◼Rain In Eden

Oud: Kelly
Santur, Shamisen: Megumi
Perc: Shuhey


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